About CIA

Welcome to Cambodia International Affair Law Firm (CIA)

Cambodia International Affair Law Firm Cambodia International Affair Law Firm is a leading workplace where our lawyers and members have a broad mind to assess risks quickly, identify win-win solutions and achieve satisfactory outcomes for our clients, most of which have been resolved without going to trial. 

When there are lawsuits in court, both civil cases and criminal cases, our lawyers always act quickly and professionally in court in any situation in the Municipal / Provincial Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court for the best interests of our clients. That is why our clients have been rewarding our work with the loyalty that most of them have been with us almost 20 years.

Our lawyers are professional litigants and specialists, not only in court case, in the corporate and commercial field with extensive knowledge of taxation, accounting, real estate, banking and labor. Every day, our lawyers apply the experience gained from cases and advocacy and business issues they have been doing for many years. This is how we promote relationships with our customers. The deeper our belief in customer relationships leads to a deeper understanding of personal service and better outcomes.

The Story Of Our Success

We started our internal consulting process in 2017 with the support of professional advice to outline and develop the vision we want to embrace for our law firm, the way we want to define ourselves, our work and how we aim to provide our clients with the best possible service.

CIA is the Latin acronym for our law firm, which means “Cambodian International Affair Law Firm” and is an acronym that is easy to remember and popular all over the world.

Our logo features a scale representing law and justice, a map of Cambodia representing the entire Cambodian people, and a grain of rice under the map of Cambodia representing the UNDP, which represents helping people around the world without racism.

Our Vision

To make Cambodia International Affair Law Firm become a competent law firm that full of capacity, quality and strength to expand its capacity both in Cambodia and abroad and for the international recognition that our law firm has a clear management system, standardized and strong.

Our Mission

  • Always expand the capacity of our lawyers
  • Conduct a clear management system and high standards for the law firm
  • Providing the best quality services to clients and to get satisfaction from our clients 
  • CIA has a clear goal
  • CIA’s lawyers are highly qualified

Our Goal

To achieve goals and get success for our clients by providing the highest legal services and related services with high responsibilities.

About CIA

Cambodia International Affair Law Firm is formed by group of lawyers, specialists and dedicated staffs that are committed to provide the highest and the most trustful legal services to all national and international clients. With years of experiences and constant skills development, our lawyers and specialists possess high qualification and knowledge toward wide ranges of related fields including Litigation in both Civil and Criminal law, ADR, Commercial, Labour, Tax, Business investment and many mores. Our team members have undergone skill trainings and practicing with regard to give the best outcome and legal services to all our potential clients. Considering the priority of our client’s interest, objectives and goals, we are determined to work hardly to response to our clients’ concern, to ensure the achievement of success and to deliver value to them in timely manner. 

As the goal of each cases is to receive best possible outcome, our reputation has been constantly admired and trusted by clients and partnership for both national and international. 

With the aim to support the justice sector in Cambodia and to protect the interest of our clients, we promise to provide effective, efficient, and creative legal services to meet the distinctive needs of the clients or their companies, and continue to thrive innovation conforming to the development of the world. 

To reach the standard of superior legal service, Cambodia International Affair Law Firm has been processing under cleared and systemic administration structure along with excellent finance and accounting system as well as competent members that are ready to provide the most favorable service.  

In order to reach the standard of senior legal services, CIA has been operating under the systematic administration of management, together with the financial and accounting system, as well as competent members who are ready to provide the most favorable services.

Our Slogan

Strategy without tactics is the slowest way to win. Tactics without strategy is the noise before failure.

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